Allan Deutsch

Learning to think & build in public. Excited about tools for thinking and augmenting human capabilities.

Currently head of product & engineering @GrabbitNFT. Previously product at Microsoft PlayFab, Xbox Live, and Xbox.

Recent notes

devlog 10: CascadiaJS

Doc Duck takes to the stage! Finding my first customer and also inspiration at the PNW's premier JS conference.

Thinking channels

Thinking about the same concept in a different way is often a big unlock to deeper and clearer understanding

devlog 9: Buildspace begins!

Doc Duck's feedback widget is now branded!

Weekly Dev Logs

Each week I write a log of what I've worked on. View them all here!

devlog 8: Squeaky clean feedback UX

Murder, a new bike, polishing the feedback view, and a live site incident!

devlog 7: More life

What do polyrhythms, new cars, bike rides, and CascadiaJS have in common? They're all part of this week's updates!

devlog 6: routing overhaul

A major overhaul to routing on this site! Plus TS identity functions, reference sheets, and my resume!

Identity functions

Identity functions make it possible to provide a much better developer experience at API boundaries by improving the type

Total Typescript notes

I've learned a lot from this course, and use this note to record bits I want to remember and riff on some of my observations.

devlog 5: back on stage!

Back on stage, this time to present about TypeScript! I also made some PRs to TypeScript and added dynamic TS playground links.

Dynamically generate TypeScript Playground links

TypeScript playground has a URL param to specify the code content. This makes it possible to always have up-to-date playground links for example code!

Add a demo link to TypeScript code blocks

Seeing example code with syntax highlighting is great, but sometimes you've just gotta run the code and see what happens...