devlog 9: Buildspace begins!

🌱June 15, 2024.
seedling 🌱
4 minutes read ⏱

This has been a bit of a bittersweet week. Maya is in San Francisco for work, a trip in the making for a couple months. I really wanted to go, but she didn’t have a date until tickets were really expensive, and it felt too rushed with me exhibiting at CascadiaJS next week. I opted not to go this time, so it’s been a little bit lonely at home alone all week.

Fortunately, I have a ton of awesome friends who meet up to cowork with me! Monday had gorgeous weather, so I biked along the water to University District and worked from Leon Coffee House and later Saint Bread with Taylor, who confirmed that the Saint Bread cheeseburger is amazing. Then on Thursday I met up with Hannah for a picnic in Cal Anderson park before walking over to Basecamp cafe for a work session.


Build space

Some pretty exciting news this week: I got into buildspace!

My friend Jon also got into buildspace, and I’m excited to see what we’ve both made at the end of the 6 weeks!

A few weeks ago in devlog 4 > Doc Duck I mentioned that I had applied to buildspace. I love what Farza & the team are creating - a community of people who are building things because they want to and are excited about building them. It has an AI called “sage” which is similar to linkedin, if linkedin had the vibe of a college campus that only allowed people in if they are excited to build things. I’ve had a few people reach out to me, I’ve reached out to a few people, and I’m curious what, if anything, will come of it.

Doc Duck

In preparation for my booth at CascadiaJS I wanted revisit the initial feedback widget I made for Doc Duck. It was functional, but didn’t correctly respond to light/dark mode, lacked Doc Duck branding, and didn’t have a link to the Doc Duck website. Here’s a quick demo of the new widget:

This video is a huge step up in quality from what I’ve got on Doc Duck today. I haven’t been spending hours grinding to level up my video skills; I found Screen studio and it produces aesthetic videos out of the box!

I think the new widget looks great in both light and dark mode!

I’ve also got CascadiaJS coming up next week, and I have a few things remaining for it:

  • 90 second pitch to the entire conference 😱
  • Put together a live demo to show at my booth
  • Record a demo video to play on a screen for people walking by
  • Order Doc Duck booth decorations

Back to work!