devlog 0: init

🌱April 7, 2024.
evergreen 🌲
3 minutes read ⏱

This week was a very productive one on penguinsight! I learned how to do database migrations with prisma and successfully completed my first migration on penguinsight. The migration added view data for documents without losing any of my existing production data! Maya also finished all the cabinets in the island she’s building for our kitchen. Some of my other outputs from the week are:

  • I figured out how to consistently get UI cards to fill available space and internally scroll any content that doesn’t fit. This has been great for the dashboard!
  • I added view counts per document and total per team to the team dashboard UI
  • I got set up as a demo site to showcase the penguinsight widget
  • I updated to Beautifully render markdown code blocks in Svelte
    • This broke line highlighting, which I want to fix later

Something that I thought would be amazing for a while now is membership to the Seattle Space Needle. I think it would be so cool to have it as a place I can just show up and work from regularly! I’ve looked on their site a few times and couldn’t find anything about one, and came to the reasonable conclusion that it doesn’t exist. This week I was fortunate enough to find out I was wrong! Maya learned they do exist via Sambrit and Sourya, who got each other passes for Valentine’s Day. Maya surprised me by getting both of us passes.

I was planning to go up the needle for sunset on Friday then catch a Beyoncé laser show at 10:30, but it was overcast so we skipped the needle this time. The Beyoncé show was fantastic though! Neo, the laserist, added a few songs from the new Cowboy Carter album.