Monetized content creation is a compound growth system

🌱April 7, 2021.
Last tended August 15, 2021.
evergreen 🌲
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Content creation and audience building is a compound growth system. This is beause the value of new content and new audience members increases in proportion to the existing principal of content or audience. It also explains why content creation takes so long to produce any income - compound growth is most impactful at the end.

If each piece of content produces a fixed value per view, early content with a small audience and a small content library produces low value. There are several reasons for this:

  1. A small audience means less views for published content
  2. A small content library means less ways to monetize new users who discover the new content
  3. A small content library has less opportunities to new users by engaging them with other content

Conversely, content created in a more mature publication creates phenomenal value:

  1. A large audience means a higher ROI for every publication
  2. A large content library has more options for monetizing content
  3. A large content library has many opportunities to direct consumers of old content to the new content