Mac tips

🌱June 23, 2021.
Last tended December 30, 2023.
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Mac tips

  • Screenshot whole desktop: ⌘+⇧+3
  • Screenshot box: ⌘+⇧+4
  • Screen shot/rec settings: ⌘+⇧+5
  • Open launchpad: Pinch with thumb and three fingers
  • Open file(s)/folder(s): ⌘+O
  • Show all windows and virtual desktops: Swipe up with three fingers OR ctrl+↑
  • Minimize active window: ⌘+M
  • Switch active application: ⌘+tab
  • Switch focused window of active application: ⌘+`
  • Open the emoji and symbols keyboard: 🌐 OR βŒƒ+⌘+space

Rebind the caps lock key to the ^ control key

  1. Open system settings
  2. Search β€œCustomize modifier keys”
  3. Change Caps Lock to ^ Control

Software stack

  • Homebrew - a package manager for MacOS. Install this first and you can use it to install raycast, Arc, and
  • Raycast - a drop-in spotlight replacement with window management, calculator, unit conversions, and great extensibility
brew install --cask raycast
  • Arc Browser - A slick browser with better UI and tab management, built on chromium
brew install --cask arc
  • - A super fast, AI-enabled terminal with an IDE-like editing experience
brew install --cask warp