Distribution channel

🌱June 16, 2021.
Last tended August 15, 2021.
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Channels have 5 phases: :–:

  1. Raise awareness
  2. Evaluation of the product
  3. Allow purchasing. This should be really easy
  4. Deliver the value proposition to the customer
  5. Provide customers with support after they’ve purchased to ensure they are happy

There are 2 types of channels. :–:

  • Direct channels
  • Indirect channels
  1. Direct channels: Channels owned and operated by the business.
  2. Indirect channels: Channels owned and operated by a Key partner of the business.

Considerations when evaluating channels

  • What expectations do the customers have? Ie Android users expect the product to be sold on the app store
  • What advantages does each channel have over the others?
  • What are the complexities of each channel?