Build infrastructure after not having it becomes painful

🌱July 2, 2021.
Last tended August 16, 2021.
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When starting something new, it can be tempting to build infrastructure and supporting pieces early on. That infrastructure - once built - can reduce the friction of the activity. There are a few problems with doing so too early though:

  • Building infrastructure for an activity is time taken away from actually doing the activity
  • Without some experience doing the activity, it’s hard to determine what infrastructure is truly valuable
  • Building infrastructure isn’t progress, whereas doing the activity is
  • The activity may not be continued long term, and the infrastructure is unlikely to be a worthwhile investment in the short term

When lack of infrastructure becomes painful, it creates clarity about what problems the infrastructure needs to solve.

Once it becomes clear than an activity is going to continue, Automation unlocks progressively more meaningful problems.