Avocado toast

🌱October 1, 2021.
Last tended April 13, 2022.
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As a true millenial, avocado toast is one of my favorite meals. It’s quick and easy to make at home. I typically add eggs or meat (protein) to balance the carbs (bread) and fat (avocado). The macronutrient blend makes avocado toast a healthy meal. It leaves me sated and energized without a crash, so I love it as a workday lunch.

As a base, I typically use a slice of country loaf bread from a local bakery, half an avocado, and 2 eggs.

Some variations on avocado toast that I’ve enjoyed:

  • Mediterranean (eggs, feta, za’atar)
  • Mexican (eggs, salsa & queso fresco)
  • Mexican (taco meat, salsa, & queso fresco)